Wednesday, 21 October 2015

What and Why Back To The Future has failed to predict about 2015?

It is October 21 , 2015 , the day Back To The Future has told us.
Predicting future trends of technology is always difficult.

Nuclear fusion power is still elusive to us. And we still don't have flying cars. But that is not because of technological limitations. I blame it on government regulations of automobile industry, aeronautic industry and transportation. Regulations, how well intentioned they must be, always have negative impact upon innovation.
Instead of hoverboards, we now have tiny drones that can fly for about half an hour. They are still just emerging tech, but governments are already trying to regulate and register drones. I fear this will halt rapid advancements we are seeing in drone industry.
On the bright side, we now have many advancements in telecommunication and computing that couldn’t have been foreseen. The internet and smartphones have revolutionized social communications. And of course there have been great strides in artificial intelligence. We have stopped talking about flying cars. But, we have started making self-driving cars and on-demand transportation services, which have more practical use than flying ones to me. Dangerously, both of these two technologies against urban traffic are already facing uphill battles against government regulations around the world.

How about fusion energy? Mr.Fusion from the movie is ultimately cool. Put some trash and you have at least 1.2 gigawatt of electrical power enough to send you to another point in time. Fusion energy is not the only sustainable energy source our civilization could have. But government subsidies to fossil fuel industry have largely keep sustainable and renewable energy unfeasible. If I am a visitor from from 1980s, I would be heart-broken to learn that we are still burning fossil fuels and destroying the delicate climate balance.
One thing we can learn from this is that, of all the things futurists can imagine, scientists can discover and engineers can build, many would not come to fruition without changing larger society and policies. Technology can brought change to society, no doubt about that. But changes in larger society and policies are necessary to bring about certain technological advancements. Things like powering our homes through solar energy, letting AI drive our cars and give us medical decisions would never be accomplished without convincing largely paranoid public (strangely paranoid against AI but not to already happening climate change) , silencing special interests and rewriting regulations. We can still make our beautiful dream true, but it means we as futurists, transhumanists, scientists and engineers have to start changing current system.

This is my saddest point. If I am a visitor from from 1980s, I would be heart-broken to learn that we are still burning fossil fuels and destroying the delicate climate balance. Mr.Fusion from the movie is ultimately cool. Put some trash and you have at least 1.2 gigawatt of electrical power enough for time travel.
However, fusion energy is not the only sustainable energy source our civilization could have. Actually, we have always been sitting 8 light minutes away from it all our lives. The sun has always bestowed us the energy that make life on earth possible. It has started photochemical reactions that give rise to life 4 billion years ago. Believe it or not, you are using solar derived energy at this very moment , as all of us are still having our daily energy as food from plants that use sunlight as energy source or from animals that eat them.
So the question is why don’t we use Solar energy in other part of our life. It comes back to government involvement once again. Governments around the world have subsided fossil fuel companies directly or indirectly through consumers. As you might heard of government funded research into solar energy, this amount even in billions is nothing compared to what they have spent for fossil fuels. Business interests keep their puppet politicians continue supporting it even nowadays and make them even question scientists on climate change. Even if they have spend half of this amount in research, development and deployment, we could have solar power civilization many years ago. Solar electricity or photovoltaic effect has been discovered since 1839. The only reason we have not been successful because it has always been cheaper and easier to use dirty energy sources. But the nature is going to make us pay for it with heavy fines. We are having massive floods in some regions and severe droughts in others. It is all because we are pushing the atmospheric carbon content. When we should be greening and irrigating Sahara through solar powered seawater distillation, we are continuing our deforestation practices in most part of the world.

This article is a homage to my favorite movie of all times.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Why speech is outdated...

And why we need Telepathic communication.

I was reading an article in which researchers demonstrated human brain to brain communication for the first time. It is open access article published in last year August.However, this is far more interesting today as Mark Zuckerberg announced in this June Facebook Q&A that the future of communication and social networking will be telepathy. That will be the total paradigm shift since when humans starting talking. Speech, although it serves the purpose, is very slow way to relay information.
Consider how many words can you speak or listen in a second or minute. We know our brain is capable of doing much more processing in other realms. Our current speech and writing based communication is analogous to making two supercomputers link via a dial-up communication.
Muscles that produce speech and ear drums, are slow moving transducers and sensors compared to electric communication in the brain.
This, I believe, is impeding our progress as a species. Think about transferring our knowledge and our point of view of 100,000 words in broadband speed. It will take less than a second. We could fundamentally transfer knowledge equivalent to 100 books in a minute.
This will exponentially increase our collective intelligence and will certainly transform human society. If we combine the telepathic communication with brain extension like DARPA’s Cortical Modem, We could totally eliminate PC, phones and Speech in most of the cases.
That would be a posthuman of my dreams. Would they be unnatural humans? I would say it is more natural than slowly typing this post on a keyboard with made-up letters and language created a few thousand years back.
Both writing and speaking occupy very small part of humanity’s timeline and they are always constantly evolving to accommodate new concepts and things. But in these days, speech is neither the fastest way nor the most efficient way of transferring information. We need a radical reform, towards telepathy, a way to relay information in our brain in broadband speed and a physical network of brains.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

A mobile optical Density reader for Lab on Compact Disc platform

This is an abstract of the paper that I authored recently.

A Colorimetric Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) Detection Platform for a Point-of-Care Dengue Detection System on a Lab-on-Compact-Disc

 1,2  and  1,2,
1 Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia2 Centre For Innovation in Medical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya, 50603 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) is the gold standard clinical diagnostic tool for the detection and quantification of protein biomarkers. However, conventional ELISA tests have drawbacks in their requirement of time, expensive equipment and expertise for operation. Hence, for the purpose of rapid, high throughput screening and point-of-care diagnosis, researchers are miniaturizing sandwich ELISA procedures on Lab-on-a-Chip and Lab-on-Compact Disc (LOCD) platforms. This paper presents a novel integrated device to detect and interpret the ELISA test results on a LOCD platform. The system applies absorption spectrophotometry to measure the absorbance (optical density) of the sample using a monochromatic light source and optical sensor. The device performs automated analysis of the results and presents absorbance values and diagnostic test results via a graphical display or via Bluetooth to a smartphone platform which also acts as controller of the device. The efficacy of the device was evaluated by performing dengue antibody IgG ELISA on 64 hospitalized patients suspected of dengue. The results demonstrate high accuracy of the device, with 95% sensitivity and 100% specificity in detection when compared with gold standard commercial ELISA microplate readers. This sensor platform represents a significant step towards establishing ELISA as a rapid, inexpensive and automatic testing method for the purpose of point-of-care-testing (POCT) in resource-limited settings.


DOI: 10.3390/s150511431

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Earth Day 2014

Let's save the earth? 
The slogan should be "Let's save ourselves".
In the words of George Carlin, "The planet is fine. The people are fucked."
 The environment and life on earth are resilient enough to continue even after severe climate change and nuclear apocalypse. But humans and food sources we depend on are not. 
Saving our current environment is nothing remotely altruistic, it is just applying some long term thinking in our self-preservation instinct, instead of pursuing short term prosperity. 
Happy #earthday  
#substainability     #mybeautifulearth  

Friday, 18 April 2014

The current state of AI and posthumanism in popular culture Part 3: the review of movie "Transcendence"

I've just watched #transcendence   , my most anticipated movie in years.
I heard it first on the Ray Kurzweil's website well back in 2012. 
The movie is great although it could have been much grander. There are many great ideas with full of transhumanist theme based upon the writings of Ray Kurzweil and Michio Kaku.  Possibly it is the first ever movie which doesn't depict an advanced Intelligence ran amok harming humans. 
Too bad the new director fails to emphasize this excellent aspect of the movie. 
Too bad human stupidity and paranoia won the day. Professor Will Caster's transcendent mind have never harmed anyone, or not planning to. The whole rationale of attacking him is based upon unfounded fear and paranoia.
Too bad the movie gives more voice to anti-tech people than "the machine" to explain himself. Most of the time other characters describe what Will might be thinking or doing. It was never the machine, it is Will entirely.

Too bad that the movie continues to propagate false ideas about AI and robots, like machine cannot hold contradictory logic. Current computers probably cannot do it but quantum computers would have no problem, actually it is in the foundation of quantum mechanics. Our animal intelligence happens to express this as we are based upon quantum foundation, just as the seemly randomness and probability in natural world are the result of quantum mechanics.(On the origin of probability in quantum mechanics
But the movie is really a joy to watch. I am on the verge of clapping whenever a technology I've always wanted is shown, like quantifying hormonal level and emotions of people.
Some people claim that futurists' believe in singularity is quasi-religious in nature. I think it is true, partially at least. Mankind has always tried to eliminate human suffering (or animal suffering, if you prefer). At least we now have viable path of achieving it; creating a heaven on the earth itself. For me, The Singularity is the event horizon , the point of apotheosis, when humans become divine.  The movie shows healing the sick, giving life to death and some superhuman powers. Could we claim to become Gods just by performing these acts or creating synthetic lifeforms. Maybe not. But when we have created a simple black hole and another universe inside our very own, the lifeforms in that universe surely would not be complaining our status.

The movie should be a call to action for transhumanists as well. An enlightened posthuman would have evolved beyond the level of primitive humans and wouldn't suffer from that unnecessary Survival Instinct or Self-preservation of animals or it will be too much benevolent. That could be our undoing as the movie demonstrated.

Part 1 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

From Human-machine sports to Transhuman Olympics.

Here is a great teaser of human-machine ping pong march between  ping pong champion Timo Boll and KUKA's Agilus robot as advertisement for this industrial robot.

   I really hope to see that kind of robot-human tennis as well as  more competitive machine assisted human sports( transhumanist sports).   
Modern sport has foundation from sport competitions from ancient Greek times. At those times, sport serves the purpose of readiness for war. This does not hold true anymore. Currently, sport competitions serve as nothing more than mere entertainment or a tool to rile up nationalism. Current sport games have no benefit to population at large. 
   Surely, atheletes still represent pinicle of human mechnical capabilities. However, there has not been much increase on these capabilities.  We have not seen the exponential increase in human ability from normal sports for a very long time. Any incremental progresses are also the result of dedicated training which normal people won't be able to achieve. The record breaking swimming speed and cycling speed won't help any normal human.This have to change.
 On the other hand, technologies like machine assisted sports, exoskeleton used in running, walking and flying could transcend to normal daily life and improve the life of ordinary humans in the form of new transportation methods and new living spaces optimized for human wellbeing and pleasure. Transhuman Olympics will supercharge the robotics and human augmentation which will in turn advance the humanity.
 As I previously wrote, Transhumanist Olympics
 could be experimental grounds for cutting edge technologies which would later be applied to general population. It will also create the new sporting categories and new industries that will champion human enhancement. 
Not to mention the new sports are completely another level in excitement and entertainment. Think about
Bringing biochemical enhancements to their full potential
Footballers(soccer) with head-up Augamented Reality display (to calculate ball flight path) and wireless communication. 
Runners and jumpers with exoskeletons.
New sports using enhanced Auditory and visual perceptions.
Jet pack flying (Or combine with soccer as flying football)
Space jumping.
Possibilities are really limitless.

Update World Cup 2014 opener has its opening kickoff done by a disabled person using brain signal controlled exoskeleton. This moment represents the future of sport. The inception of Transhuman Olympics.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Some thoughts on Google selling Motorola to Lenovo: from a red ocean to blue oceans?

Google is selling Motorola. 

My first reaction of the news is shock and dismay. I really like new concepts of Motorola like its 8X platform with separate always-on processors for voice recognition and motion sensing. Not to mention, its revolutionary Project Ara.  
But it could be the best thing happens for Motorola since it, currently, is handicapped by Google itself. Motorola has more barriers to contact Android group than other companies like Samsung. Also, right now, Google is also in conflict of interest since the success of Motorola would piss off its current partners like Samsung, LG and ASUS. On the other hand, a loss making Motorola would disappoint investors. This could be the best deal for Google, stopping partners to turn to rivals like Microsoft. Who knows? This deal also could be a result of negotiation with Samsung for recent patent cross licensing deal. 
The only question is how could Google think Motorola worth less than NEST? 
Reading Larry Page's post, it seems Google is swapping industries , from smartphones to "wearable and home market".  Giving up Today's technology for tomorrow's, getting rid off saturated  Red ocean for  Blue oceans. That is really good news. And also, Google is keeping Motorola's Advanced technology group including Project Ara, making sure that the next revolution in smartphone is in its own hands. But who needs smartphone if they could improve Google Glass into a real augmented reality glass like Meta space glasses.
Well done Google.