Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Project Atspindyz

Today 1st Jan 2013 marks the inception of Project Atspindyz*.

I don't usually make new year resolutions for I only make resolutions at my birthday. But this year I'll make one for an idea that struck me last Christmas and for which I spent a better part of last week to contemplate and critique. 

Currently I have nothing to share about my project except that it's a game I am designing that would establish a completely new genre in gaming. We'll look back in a couple of year how did it go. It would be really slow since I am doing my full time PhD in the field of BioMEMS .

 I am weighting on various approaches like web or native, platforms to target, and client/server architecture etc. I have not much knowledge in any of them yet. Building a team will start only after 6 months later when I can talk in terms of programming.

*Atspindys means "reflection" in Lithuanian. 
Project Aspindyz (alternative name)