Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Some thoughts on Google selling Motorola to Lenovo: from a red ocean to blue oceans?

Google is selling Motorola. 

My first reaction of the news is shock and dismay. I really like new concepts of Motorola like its 8X platform with separate always-on processors for voice recognition and motion sensing. Not to mention, its revolutionary Project Ara.  
But it could be the best thing happens for Motorola since it, currently, is handicapped by Google itself. Motorola has more barriers to contact Android group than other companies like Samsung. Also, right now, Google is also in conflict of interest since the success of Motorola would piss off its current partners like Samsung, LG and ASUS. On the other hand, a loss making Motorola would disappoint investors. This could be the best deal for Google, stopping partners to turn to rivals like Microsoft. Who knows? This deal also could be a result of negotiation with Samsung for recent patent cross licensing deal. 
The only question is how could Google think Motorola worth less than NEST? 
Reading Larry Page's post, it seems Google is swapping industries , from smartphones to "wearable and home market".  Giving up Today's technology for tomorrow's, getting rid off saturated  Red ocean for  Blue oceans. That is really good news. And also, Google is keeping Motorola's Advanced technology group including Project Ara, making sure that the next revolution in smartphone is in its own hands. But who needs smartphone if they could improve Google Glass into a real augmented reality glass like Meta space glasses.
Well done Google.

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