Sunday, 9 August 2015

Why speech is outdated...

And why we need Telepathic communication.

I was reading an article in which researchers demonstrated human brain to brain communication for the first time. It is open access article published in last year August.However, this is far more interesting today as Mark Zuckerberg announced in this June Facebook Q&A that the future of communication and social networking will be telepathy. That will be the total paradigm shift since when humans starting talking. Speech, although it serves the purpose, is very slow way to relay information.
Consider how many words can you speak or listen in a second or minute. We know our brain is capable of doing much more processing in other realms. Our current speech and writing based communication is analogous to making two supercomputers link via a dial-up communication.
Muscles that produce speech and ear drums, are slow moving transducers and sensors compared to electric communication in the brain.
This, I believe, is impeding our progress as a species. Think about transferring our knowledge and our point of view of 100,000 words in broadband speed. It will take less than a second. We could fundamentally transfer knowledge equivalent to 100 books in a minute.
This will exponentially increase our collective intelligence and will certainly transform human society. If we combine the telepathic communication with brain extension like DARPA’s Cortical Modem, We could totally eliminate PC, phones and Speech in most of the cases.
That would be a posthuman of my dreams. Would they be unnatural humans? I would say it is more natural than slowly typing this post on a keyboard with made-up letters and language created a few thousand years back.
Both writing and speaking occupy very small part of humanity’s timeline and they are always constantly evolving to accommodate new concepts and things. But in these days, speech is neither the fastest way nor the most efficient way of transferring information. We need a radical reform, towards telepathy, a way to relay information in our brain in broadband speed and a physical network of brains.

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