About me

Aung Thiha received Master of Engineering(M.Eng) degree in biomedical engineering in 2012 and   Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (B.Bio.Eng) in 2010 at University of Malaya , Malaysia. He is a self-proclaimed geek , a transhumanist and a futurist.

He is currently pursuing his Ph.D with a focus on Lab-on-a-chip technology.

Aung Thiha is an aspiring scientist with future research interests in 
Tissue Engineering, 
Synthetic Biology,
Lab-on-a-chip ,
Biomedical instrumentation,
Bionics and 
Brain-Computer Interface --- with the ultimate ambition of becoming a posthuman himself.

You can follow his long blogs are at  : www.aungthiha.me and he curates technology realated news at his Google+ pageaungthiha.net  and Engineering The Cure facebook page. Aung Thiha can be reached on the twitter at https://twitter.com/lionelthiha

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