Thursday, 20 February 2014

From Human-machine sports to Transhuman Olympics.

Here is a great teaser of human-machine ping pong march between  ping pong champion Timo Boll and KUKA's Agilus robot as advertisement for this industrial robot.

   I really hope to see that kind of robot-human tennis as well as  more competitive machine assisted human sports( transhumanist sports).   
Modern sport has foundation from sport competitions from ancient Greek times. At those times, sport serves the purpose of readiness for war. This does not hold true anymore. Currently, sport competitions serve as nothing more than mere entertainment or a tool to rile up nationalism. Current sport games have no benefit to population at large. 
   Surely, atheletes still represent pinicle of human mechnical capabilities. However, there has not been much increase on these capabilities.  We have not seen the exponential increase in human ability from normal sports for a very long time. Any incremental progresses are also the result of dedicated training which normal people won't be able to achieve. The record breaking swimming speed and cycling speed won't help any normal human.This have to change.
 On the other hand, technologies like machine assisted sports, exoskeleton used in running, walking and flying could transcend to normal daily life and improve the life of ordinary humans in the form of new transportation methods and new living spaces optimized for human wellbeing and pleasure. Transhuman Olympics will supercharge the robotics and human augmentation which will in turn advance the humanity.
 As I previously wrote, Transhumanist Olympics
 could be experimental grounds for cutting edge technologies which would later be applied to general population. It will also create the new sporting categories and new industries that will champion human enhancement. 
Not to mention the new sports are completely another level in excitement and entertainment. Think about
Bringing biochemical enhancements to their full potential
Footballers(soccer) with head-up Augamented Reality display (to calculate ball flight path) and wireless communication. 
Runners and jumpers with exoskeletons.
New sports using enhanced Auditory and visual perceptions.
Jet pack flying (Or combine with soccer as flying football)
Space jumping.
Possibilities are really limitless.

Update World Cup 2014 opener has its opening kickoff done by a disabled person using brain signal controlled exoskeleton. This moment represents the future of sport. The inception of Transhuman Olympics.